7 WhatsApp Security Tips to Stay Safe

7 WhatsApp Security Tips to Stay Safe

In today’s article, I am going to tell you 7 WhatsApp Security Tips to Stay Safe.

First Security Tip

The first thing you have to do is enable Two-Step Verification from settings. It’s very hard to hack anyone’s account if 2 step verification is enabled.

So how to enable it?

Go to Settings—Account—2 step verification and enter 6 digit code.

This code needs to be saved and not told to anyone because whenever you log in to any new device you will be asked for this code and this code will be asked from time to time. So you have to remember this code otherwise you will not be able to login into your WhatsApp account.

Don’t Click on Unknown Link

After that, the most important thing to do to save your WhatsApp is that we get innumerable links to click on it. Often such links are sent to you that open this link, it is your Eidi, there are rewards for you or you get 25000, 24000 or 14000 in Ehsas program. Congratulations. Open this link and get your reward. So you don’t have to click on these links. If you think the link is OK, even 50% think that the link is OK, then scan the link first. You have to long-press on that link۔Remember that you should not allow the link to open, that is, do not press the link at the very top of the link, otherwise it will open in a new window and you can be hacked. If you want to open the link you just have to click on the link and scan it.

How to Scan the Link

To scan, you have to go to the link checking sites and go to these websites and paste the links.

What are these websites?

No. 1 Scan URL,

No. 2 Phish Tank,

No. 3 Norton Safe Web.

These are three link checking sites on which you can check if there is a bug or virus inside this link by pasting your link.

The next thing you need to do is enable the security notification. What happens if I enable security notifications? If you move to a new device or, someone tries to hack your WhatsApp, your contacts will get the message that this person has created an account on the new device Or your contacts will know what activity has taken place.

To enable security notification, go to settings, go to account, go to security and enable security notification.

The fourth thing to do after that is to log out of WhatsApp as soon as possible if you have an old smartphone. You may be wondering how we can log out of WhatsApp when we don’t have a mobile phone (if lost). This is a very good question. The answer is very simple and common sense. If the Sim was inside the mobile, then block it as soon as possible. After blocking Sim, you should download WhatsApp immediately. After downloading, open a WhatsApp account on that sim. As soon as you open a WhatsApp account, you will get an OTP. You will activate your WhatsApp, then the old mobile will automatically log out of the WhatsApp.

The fifth security tip to use is to keep your WhatsApp DP or profile picture unique, different from your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The reason is that such a person who wants to harm you can take a screenshot of your WhatsApp profile picture and search on Google, for example, search your name or address and can harm you.

Number 1 is to keep your WhatsApp profile picture unique from other platforms. Number 2 is that you can also hide your profile picture which is a very easy task. Instead of having a profile picture unique, you can hide it.

How to hide?

You have to go to your account, go to privacy, go to profile photo

and check on “My Contacts” ie click on “My Contacts”.

So your picture will not be visible to unsafe numbers, only to the contacts you have saved.

After that, the number six security tip is that if someone has your mobile, he can see your WhatsApp media. He can watch WhatsApp pics and can watch videos.

You can hide WhatsApp pics or videos. For this, you have to turn off WhatsApp Media Visibility.

How to do it?

Let me tell you.

Go to settings, then go to chats, then uncheck media visibility. You will have to uncheck if it’s turned on.

Go to settings, then go to chats, then uncheck media visibility.

This will turn off media visibility and a private folder will be created on your mobile. This security tip will be very useful for you because the data will not open in the gallery directly in front of anyone.

The seventh security tip I would like to tell you is that if you are not using WhatsApp Web then log out of it. This security tip will also be very useful for you.

So friends, follow these security tips, your WhatsApp account will be saved, your WhatsApp account will not be hacked and you will avoid any trouble. So these are the 7 WhatsApp Security Tips to Stay Safe.

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