14 Very Useful Google Apps

In This article, I will tell you 14 Very Useful Google Apps you should be using on Android. Google’s got a lot of apps. Maybe even too much, in some instances. Here are 14 off-the-beaten-path Google apps that’ll help you do all sorts of exciting things with your Android device.

So friends Google app No. 1 is :

Voice Access

With this app, you can control your mobile completely with your voice as Google Assistant. You use Google Assistant when you are online or you are searching for something on Google, So with this app, you can control your entire mobile with your voice.

Google app No. 2 is: 

Sound Amplifier

This app will amplify your surrounding’s sound or your voice without any distracting ambient noise. Even if a person is speaking away from your mobile or a sound of TV or any other sound which is away from your mobile, this app will eliminate distracting ambient noise and will give you a clear voice or sound.

Google app No. 3 is: 


This awesome app allows you to copy text from a physical paper or whiteboard and paste it into your mobile.

The 2nd benefit of this app is that it allows you to paste your copied text directly onto your desktop through wifi.

The 3rd benefit of this app is you can translate any screenshot or image’s text by copying it.

No. 4 benefit of this app is that it also works like a bar code scanner or QR Code scanner.

Google app No. 4 is:


Sometimes we want to scan old photos۔For this purpose, we use a lot of apps. This app scan high quality and glare-free images. It directs you through the process of capturing multiple angles of the print and then does all the dirty work of cropping it, straightening it, and generally just making it look good. So hurry up if you need a good scanning app use this one. If you have this app and you need to scan a photo, then use it or if you don’t have then download it.

Google app No. 5 is: 

Action Blocks

While we’re thinking about giving ourselves easier access to stuff, Google’s Action Blocks app for Android is an app well worth unearthing. It creates buttons for starting Assistant-connected actions or combinations of actions — things like adjusting allegedly smart devices around your home and/or office, hopping directly into specific functions within apps, or doing most anything else Google Assistant can manage.

Google app No. 6 is:

 Google Phone

If you’re using any phone other than a Pixel, do yourself a huge favour and go grab the Google Phone app this minute. This app has the most advance calling features.

Google app No. 7 is: 

Files by Google

You can organize, share or free up space from your mobile files. Files have an exceptional search system, as you’d expect, and it has a supremely handy system for analyzing your phone’s local storage and finding quick ‘n’ easy ways to free up space.

Google app No. 8 is: 

Google One

Guys if you have a google account and the storage is low، you want to buy storage then obviously buying storage can be a little expensive for you۔Google One is a Google product that makes it very easy to buy storage, you will get storage at a very cheap rate so you can use this application to buy storage.

Google app No. 9 is: 

Find My Device

As everyone will be familiar with this application or product. It comes in every Android and IOS device. The advantage of this is that if you lose your mobile, you can log in to your google account from your desktop or laptop and trace your mobile to some extent.

Google app No. 10 is: 


This is my favourite image editing application. It has awesome and pro-level features. It is available for free on the Google Play Store۔Go to Play Store, download and install it, and try it. Photoshop LightRoom etc. is nothing in front of it. It is great app and you can do pro-level image editing through this app.

Google app No. 11 is: 

Google My Business

This app is not for a small businessman. If you are a big businessman or you are running a company, you can use this app to interact with your customer very easily ie if a customer wants to contact you this app will notify you. So you can interact with your customer without any hindrance or without any delay but again i tell you this is invaluable for a small businessman.

Google app No. 12 is: 

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards app is beneficial for those people who keep purchasing any app or game or any credit from Google Play Store. With this app, you can get free credits on Google Play Store
How can you get free credits?
When you create an account on this app, it will notify you of a survey. You have to complete the survey and as a result, you can get free credit from 10 cents up to $1 which you can redeem when you buy an app or game. So these credits will be added at the time of your purchase.

Google app No. 13 is: 

Google Arts & Culture

This is also a very simple and valuable app which informs you about national parks, monuments and museums in your surroundings and shows you the virtual images. The app is just jam-packed with cool views of fascinating things from around the world, and it provides a welcome mental diversion no matter where your physical body might be.

Google app No. 14 is: 


Who doesn’t know this app? This comes with every mobile. It has new and latest wallpapers which you use to decorate your mobile’s home screen. The best part, though, is the way Wallpaper can automatically change your wallpaper to a new image every day within any category that floats your boat.

So these were 14 Very Useful Google Apps you should be using on Android. If you were unaware of these 14 Very Useful Google Apps, I am pretty sure after reading this article you must have known about them.

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