How to Earn Money Online by Watching Ads

How to Earn Money Online by Watching Ads

If you have a Mobile, and you want to earn money without any skill, extra effort or spending a lot of time on your mobile and you don’t know How to Earn Money Online free or How to Earn Money Online by Watching Ads, then be happy I have a solution for you.

In This article, I will tell you How to Earn Money Online by Watching Ads on a trusted application. I’ll also tell you how to withdraw the amount you will earn on this application. Not only will you be able to make money by watching ads without spending a single rupee on this application, but you will also be able to easily withdraw the money you have earned. Moreover, the withdrawal limit is also very low. Also, this application doesn’t require referrals or any investment for withdrawal.

Guys as you know some applications offer to complete various tasks (like watching ads or videos) you will get paid, but either there is no way to withdraw money on some applications or if there is a way to withdraw money but you can’t withdraw that amount. Moreover, some applications offer ways to withdraw money that are uncommon or banned in our country.

Friends, I am not in favour of these types of applications on which you can earn money by watching ads or videos because I am in favour of earning using a skill. I insist on learning a skill for online earning because earning using a skill is long-term and for a lifetime. I am sharing this application because of two reasons

But this application offers very common payment methods to withdraw the amount that you will earn on this application.

Introduction to Application

Guys, the name of the application is Handy Cash. This is a trusted application. The developer of this application has also other applications and they have been running for a long time. So, you need not worry about this application. So, just install the application and start earning online.

How to Install this Application and create an account?

I am sharing two ways to install this application.

  1. You may go to the link of this application by clicking the link below on this page or clicking on the word “link” in the above line.

2. You may go to Play Store to download this application.

In the first method, when you click on the link, a registration page will appear.

Provide your all details to fill out the form. There will be an Upliner field where a code(a21534) will be written. You must use this code for earning. Without this code, you won’t be able to earn on this application. So don’t erase this code from the Upliner field.

In the second method, you have to go to Play Store and download the App Handy Cash.

Register on it with your details providing the Upliner code a21534.You will be registered successfully by using any of the two methods mentioned above.

How to Earn Money

After creating an account on this application, you will be awarded 10 free tasks and 10 premium tasks. Account creation on this application is free, but you will get only free tasks (ads) daily. If you want to boost your earnings, you will have to pay only $3 for a lifetime. Yes, $3 for lifetime charges if you want to get access to all the features of this application.

Besides watching ads, there are also other methods to earn money on this application if you get premium access. When you get a premium account of this application, three more ways to make money are added. With a free account, you can only earn by watching free ads or free tasks, but with a premium account, you can earn from Extra Tasks, Bonus and by completing your team.

How much do I Earn from Extra Tasks?

You can earn up to $15.

How can I Earn from Extra Tasks?

You can earn from $0.15 to $15(depending on how good your wording you have used to rate this application) by giving a review of this application on the play store.

How can I Earn from Bonus Tasks?

You can earn a bonus by completing your team. You will be awarded a different amount after creating your team. You can see all the instructions for a Bonus Task in the app if you have premium access. You can earn an unlimited amount by creating your team as per the instructions given by the application. The more members you add, the more your earnings.

Can I Earn from Referrals?

You will be on cloud nine to hear that you can also earn by inviting people on this application from your link. When anyone registers an account on this application with your referral link, he has to pay $3 for premium access. What is your benefit from it? Don’t panic, I am telling you. The wait is over. You will get $1 immediately after the payment of a person who has joined this application with your referral. You can also read instructions about referral awards in the application.

How can I Withdraw?

This is an important question. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. Are you ready…..?

The withdrawal methods are JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, TRON and USDT(TRC 20 Only). By using these methods, you can easily withdraw the amount.

So this was an application on which you can earn money by watching ads or completing different tasks.I have taught you in this article How to Earn Money Online by Watching Ads.

Link for the Application

Link for the Application

Watch the Tutorial on my YouTube Channel

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