How to Earn Money Online on Mobile in 2022

How to Earn Money Online on Mobile in 2022

In Today’s Article, I am going to tell you How to Earn Money Online on Mobile in 2022. Yes by using only your mobile phone you can earn a lot of money on your mobile in 2022. If you don’t have a PC or Laptop, don’t worry, I will tell you How to Earn Money Online on Mobile in 2022. Let me tell you that nowadays it is common practice to click on a link, fill in the captcha, watch the ad you will get paid or some apps offer money after completing different tasks.

Clip Clap or Puppy Town you see applications like these or a few websites where you have to fill in a captcha and dreams of getting millions of crores of rupees are shown۔These are fake ways. They are WRONG NUMBERS. Websites and apps of these types tell us that you will earn money by watching the ad or you will get paid by completing some tasks, these things are temporary. Such types of offers are launched for a few days or a few months or a few weeks to drive traffic to their application or websites and you start working on these apps or websites with big dreams but they shatter your dreams.

I will tell you about long term work and long time earning sources. The question arises how shall we make the most money in the long term? So let me tell you, First of all, I would tell you not to run the short way to success. Even if you run towards a short way to success, don’t run towards the short way to earning, and don’t dream of getting rich overnight. Whether you look at E-Lawn Mask, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, they didn’t get rich overnight. Today, if they have billions of rupees, it may take them many years or many months or decades of hard work.

So, you can edit videos using your mobile. After editing the video you can serve as a freelancer. You can offer this service as a freelancer on Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, WorkChest and any other website. There are many apps for editing on mobile phones.KineMaster is the best. I also often edit videos on KineMaster.KineMaster is great if you know how to edit videos on KineMaster then it’s good. But if you don’t know how to edit videos on KineMaster, please write a comment on my YouTube Channel, write an email to me or contact me on this website. I’ll make a short course and teach you how to use KineMaster.

Rush is the mobile version of Adobe Premiere Pro that is also used for editing۔You can use InShot and also Node Video Editor. There are many apps for video editing, become experts in them, and take their courses. You will find different courses on YouTube and if you want to learn a course from me, if you want me to teach you KineMaster then contact me I’ll make the video. By editing videos you can also earn online or offline.

Besides this, nowadays you can design the posts that you see on social media daily such as Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Facebook Posts, Instagram Post or Twitter Posts, and any post on social media. You don’t have to use Adobe Photoshop or use Adobe Illustrator or any other PC version of Software, you can do it all from your mobile. You don’t have to design your graphics with Adobe Photoshop or with Adobe Illustrator. You can do the same thing on your mobile.

For this, I recommend you two or three apps. No. 1 Pixel Lab No. 2 Pix Art or you can use Lightroom. Snapseed is the best for image editing. If you know any one of these three applications then good if you do not know then tell me I will teach you. You can also find their courses on YouTube.

With Pixel Lab you can do great Flex Editing. You can do high-quality design and with Pix Art you can create custom templates, create YouTube thumbnails or Facebook cover pages and design all kinds of Flexes, even change the background of your image. You Can do very high-quality editing.

LightRoom is an alternative. You can also use Lightroom and Photoshop Lite. This is the mobile version of Photoshop. I recommend Snapseed for image editing. It is the best. It has many features.

The third thing you can do is upload old documents on a website called Studypool. I have also made a video on it. The website itself says you can earn up to $5000 a month. You can earn thousands of rupees by joining from mobile and uploading old documents.

You can do freelance on different websites. You can use your mobile phone to provide graphics designing, article writing, translation and transcript services. Fiverr and Upwork has mobile applications so you will know when a new project comes.

I would like to tell you if you do photography or you like to take pictures, then take pictures of different landscapes. If there are no landscapes, take pictures of your surroundings, take pictures of fields, take pictures of big buildings, take pictures of old buildings, take pictures of new buildings, and take pictures of yourself and you have to upload them on to sell your pictures ٍ and earn thousands of rupees.

In addition, you can create a YouTube channel on your mobile phone. Do not wait for laptop or PC friends. Why are you waiting to create your own YouTube channel? Even if you don’t have a good mobile, you have a normal mobile, if it has 15,16 MP of front or back camera, you can excellently use your mobile for this purpose۔If you can show your face on Youtube, then you can create a tech channel. You can create an information channel, you can create an Islamic channel, and you can create any channel. You can create your cooking channel. And if you don’t want to show your face, there are a lot of ideas.

If any friend wants to create a Youtube channel, it is a good thing if he knows how to create it. If he doesn’t know how to create one, please contact me. I’ll upload the full course on Youtube How to create a YouTube channel and how to get millions of views۔

So the gist of today’s article is that you can create YouTube channels from your mobile, design graphics, write articles, and even do digital marketing. I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do with your mobile. I also told you about graphics designing tools and the YouTube channel that you can create and run.

So I have told you these four to five things if you still don’t start making money from mobile, it is your misfortune. Bill Gates says that it is not your misfortune to be born poor, it is your misfortune to die poor. So hurry up and use your mobile now. Become a freelancer, YouTuber, Be a Vlogger, Become an Article Writer, Become a Digital Marketer or Become a Graphics Designer. Your mobile is your companion۔So in today’s article I have told you How to Earn Money Online on Mobile in 2022

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